Season of Change

Seasons of Change  

By Vicki Molinari 

On a recent trip, my husband and I drove up the Taconic State Parkway in New York.

We were eager to see the foliage on the trees lining the highway.  The various shades of colors were a wonderful display and a sure sign that a new season was soon to approach. 

I began to ponder my life and the seasons of which I have walked.  

I have experienced joyful times and seasons of triumphant victory.  I have walked in times where life just seemed so perfect that words of thanksgiving to God rolled off my lips with ease.  I have known seasons of plenty, as the provision of God was bountiful, as well. 

What about the painful times of loss or defeat, I thought?  Life was hard.  There have been dark seasons, where feelings of despair surrounded me. The outcome seemed hopeless.  Lean times were also in my life.  How could I survive? 

I could continue to trust God despite the season in which I was walking.  Feelings lie. God is truth so I must run to His word and allow His peace to surround me.

Psalm 143:8 says "Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you". 

I must also have a thankful heart.  No matter what the season, my praises to God must ring out, loud and strong.  I will refuse to focus on defeat, loss or pain, which is paralyzing for me. I will instead look for His blessings and be thankful! 

Psalm 107:1 says "Give THANKS to the Lord, for He is Good.  His love endures forever".

As we near Thanksgiving, let us have a grateful heart, despite the season in which we walk.  We are free!   We are a blessed nation and God is near.  He will meet you right where you are if you will simply believe He hears your prayers and praises from a thankful heart!