The Unexpected Christmas Gift

The Unexpected Christmas Gift

By Tammye Hamilton

 I was unbelievably surprised. My big-eyed six year old stood in front of me gently holding out her most prized possession. A very special birthday gift that year, she loved her doll in the way only a sensitive little girl can love a plaything. This wasn't just a doll. This was her baby.

"Mommy", she said. "I want to give Julie to that little girl for Christmas." Ya'll. It felt like my heart literally jumped up into my throat. 

I was a volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and that Christmas I was serving a mom with three little girls and a baby on the way. They had quickly left a bad situation and had few belongings. We decided to gather up some things to make sure they could celebrate Christmas. 

I shared their story with my little one and sent her to see if there was anything in her toy box she could part with so other little girls could receive Christmas gifts. Imagine my shock when she chose something she so dearly loved. 

I looked the pure gift of giving in the face. A sweet, innocent face that could have given more but chose to give the thing that meant the most to her.  

I love the story in the Old Testament when the landowner tried to give King David everything he needed to make a sacrifice. David declined saying, ‘I will not offer God something that cost me nothing.’

Paul uses the Greek word ‘metadidomi’ to describe the gift of giving in Romans 12. The word implies giving “out of yourself”.

As Jon said recently, “The gift of giving isn’t giving out of your abundance, it’s giving out of your own substance.”


Just as I took notice of my daughter’s sacrificial gift, Mark tells us that Jesus noticed when the poor widow gave what she had even though it was only a few cents. She gave out of herself.


So, during the bustle of this Season, let’s stay focused on the true gift of giving. Giving that captures the attention of our Heavenly parent. He always sees.