What Will You "Say Yes" To In 2016?

What Will You “Say Yes” To In 2016?

By Mavis Tipton 

Happy New Year everyone, can you believe it is the beginning of another new year! 

January 2016 marks the beginning of our third year of Women Encouraging Women’s Weekly Blog. 

The five wonderful godly women who have been sharing with you over the past two years, all share the same hope and desire that you have been blessed and encouraged as we have shared from our hearts real situations that we have walked through.   

When I “Said Yes,” to God three years ago to create a weekly blog for women, I truly had no idea what I was doing…but He did.  I still don’t have any idea what I am doing, but thank the Lord He does.   

I say ‘yes’ every month when I seek Him about what I am to share.  He never fails, and all the glory and honor go to Him. 

Saying yes to the Lord is much easier than saying no and then struggling because you are going against the current.  The hardest thing about saying yes is surrendering our ‘will’ and not being ‘in charge.’  Once we can get that concept into our spirits He can do so much more through us, and “nothing is impossible with God.” 

And the joy, peace and freedom we walk in…there is nothing that compares to it. So what will you “Say Yes,” to this year? 

I’m saying ‘yes’ to a deeper walk with Him, a more fervent prayer life, listening for the ‘still small voice,” that nudges me to share my testimony and the love of Jesus,’ and to whatever the Lord’s desire is for me this year. 

Will it be easy, sometimes yes and sometimes no, but my desire is to “say yes” each time He asks.  My desire is to be obedient, how about you?  What is the Lord asking of you in this new year? 

Isa. 43:19

I am going to do something new.  It is already happening.  Don’t you

recognize it?  I will clear a way in the desert.

I will make rivers on dry land.” 

Please join me this year in being one of the “I said yes to God.”  We would love to hear your stories, please leave comments, prayer requests, answers to prayer.  We love you Wonderful Women of God!  God Bless you and Happy New Year!