Whispers of Doubt




Have you ever heard the whispers of doubt "you are _________”?  Fill in the blank… a failure, not good enough, not creative, not capable, not interesting, not effective and the list goes on…

I found myself allowing thoughts like these fill my mind and most of the time I would brush them away, but not really deal with them.  After some time though, they were not just fleeting thoughts, they were affecting how I was thinking. 

It was clouding my outlook on my day to day, in my relationships and in my work.      I was continuing in my daily schedule and getting things accomplished, but not feeling very accomplished because these thoughts were starting to pound on what little confidence I had left.

In the midst of these thoughts flooding my mind and emotions there was a still small voice that spoke “That’s not Me.”  The voice was strong but not loud, peaceful and full of love.  I recognized it immediately. 

It was then that I also recognized that because I was allowing other thoughts to rule, I was not taking time to truly allow the Lord to speak to my heart.  I was rushing through things because I felt like I was running behind the moment I woke up each day.

It reminded me of the quote from Corrie Ten Boom “If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.”  It is so true!  We can be purposeful and focused on what we need to be focused on and yet in our frailty we can fall into many traps, even the “busy” trap. 

This can be taken in a few ways, but when I read “busy” I think of a busy mind.  We all live busy lives and we all react to the busyness in our own way and in our own timing.  We need to be doing and being each day as we care for our families, provide for them and take care of ourselves too. 

Most of our battles are in our minds and this was a reminder to take captive those thoughts and allow the Lord to speak His truth, His confidence, and His love.  In a moment I went from hopeless to being filled with hope and a future! 

This is not the first time I have had to battle this and I am sure it will not be the last.  While the enemy likes to strategize in this way, our own thoughts get in the mix I am quite sure.  I aim to be more mindful of those whispers of doubt and focus more on the “still small voice.”

In Him we are more than enough and the list goes on!