I Know Everything

I Know Everything 

By Tammye Hamilton 

Five-year-old Anna was sitting at the kitchen counter enjoying her Rice Krispies, chattering away. Her latest fascination was with butterflies so she asked me a question about them. I answered and she replied, "Oh, I didn't know that.”

 I smiled at her curiosity, "There are probably lots of things you don't know."  

"Oh no, mommy! I know everything." She said, matter-of-factly. "I just didn't know THAT!"

This morning I was thinking of how often I have this attitude.  I assume I know everything about a situation. I draw conclusions based on my observations, on my paradigm.  

My understanding of someone else's situation can be as limited as a five-year-old's knowledge of the world. I only see from a limited perspective what I perceive is going on. 

How much misunderstanding occurs because we make judgments based on our own experience or what we think we know?  

Years ago, one of my children was completely overlooked by the coordinator of a function they were involved in. I was disappointed and honestly, a bit offended. After the event, the coordinator, who probably never realized her mistake, confided that she was going through a very difficult personal problem with her own children.  

I can still see her face and the emotion she was feeling. I immediately felt compassion for her and any offense evaporated. Once I was aware of her situation, my observations were proven wrong.  

I'm learning to lead with compassion and understanding instead of what I think I know about a situation. The truth is God is the only One who sees the heart.  

The moral of this is that we should make no hasty or premature judgments. When the Lord comes He will bring into the light of day all that at present is hidden in darkness, and He will expose the secret motives of men’s hearts. Then shall God Himself give each man His share of praise.  1 Corinthians 4:5 (Phillips)