A Love Deeper Than The Ocean

A Love Deeper Than the Ocean

By Vicki Molinari


Some people are brought into our lives in seemingly normal ways, but will forever impact our hearts for eternity.  Do you know someone like that?  I do.  

Joel and I met in a church and were married by Pastor Dave. He had a heart bigger than the world.  He served and loved as you would expect a pastor would do, however was known to go far and above his normal duties.   

He invested in our lives in ways that we will forever remember. His wife is no exception. She gave beyond her role. Their lives represent true giving and sacrifice for as long as we've known them.

Today, we received in the mail a card of thanks and a gift. Some 32 years later, they are still loving us.  I know this doesn't sound extraordinary, but let me tell you why it is. 

"In 2016 they celebrated 40 years of marriage, have a thriving ministry, beautiful children and grandchildren.  They were also faced with a diagnosis of an incurable motor neuron disease called ALS for our dear friend, Pastor Dave.  

It has taken hold in his body, weakening every muscle and left him without use of his arms, legs or speech. This made it necessary for them to lay aside all commitments in ministry and begin a battle for healing."     

Despite this diagnosis, they went on to say in their note "they will follow the biblical principles found in Romans 8:16-32 and Philippians 3:10, first the suffering and then the glory. Suffering in the sovereign Lord deciding a path for us that can surprise us or seem to contradict His nature. We must trust His love when we cannot perceive His ways."

My eyes are welled up with tears. A man who is battling for his life, and a wife who will dedicate her time now caring for him, have love deeper than the ocean.  They have chosen to continue to minister and reach out to others despite the storm in which they are walking. 

Their proclamations of faith in the Lord Jesus and trust in His love for them set forth an example we could all follow.  Though suffering, they continue to give, love, serve and believe for healing!

Christmas is our celebration of Jesus birth. It is also a time to reflect and to realize the sacrifice God made when He decided to give His only son for US!   Will we do the same in our lives, sacrificing no matter the circumstances?  Can we choose to love, forgive and serve in ways that will impact people for eternity? 

I know what the Bible tells me...Our lives matter.  We were created to reach others, sharing the gospel of Jesus.  I challenge you in 2017 to make that one of your resolutions.  Let's reach beyond our limits and share the love and message of Christ, impacting the lives of others.

May we strive to not settle for a love stifled by our circumstances but instead love extravagantly despite our circumstances!  As Pastor Dave and Barb have shown, may we love others with a love deeper than the ocean.