Is Time The Enemy?

Is Time The Enemy?

By Tammye Hamilton

"Where does the time go?"

How often do we say this to ourselves? Sometimes in the middle of a busy day when we are getting nothing checked off our list. Other times, in those moments when we look at our littles, who all of a sudden, in a blink, are not little anymore!

One day you're cleaning peanut butter off the ceiling and the next you are attending graduations and hosting weddings. It feels just that fast.

When Billy Graham was asked what was the greatest surprise of his life, he responded without hesitation, "The brevity of it."

Last week, or actually twenty years ago now, I had two young teenagers and five littles who filled my crazy, chaotic days. This week, just their baby sister is home, somehow a teenager. And last week's children? They are suddenly becoming moms and dads. How did THAT happen? 

When our sixth child graduated from high school, I had one of those moments. "Where did my life go?" I exclaimed to my family. One of my older children replied, "You gave it to us, Mom!" 

I admire the moms around me who are giving their all to love and nurture their babes. I see the stress, the sleep deprivation, the desperation to "get it right". I see the pictures they share of their children growing too fast and echo their exclamations, "Where did the time go?" I am one of them and yet, so are my children, as they watch their own babies grow. Time flies for us all. 

Be encouraged today. Love isn't something you check off your list. It's all of the selfless things you do that take your time and fill needy hearts with your love. It's that mountain of laundry you gather the courage to tackle. It's the thankless jobs you do that no one sees. 

When you fill your moments with sacrificial love- when you do the same phonics lesson every day for six months because he's just not getting it or you feel like you lose your days at the doctor's offices with your aging parent, you are giving your greatest gift.

Time is not our enemy. When we realize our days on earth are each a unique gift given to us, we tap into the enormous power of time. You are investing your life in those you love! 

Psalm 139 says, "Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed."

 What a priceless, fleeting gift.

In Psalm 90, we get a glimpse of the heart of Moses, who is right there with us, realizing how quickly time flies. He writes, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." 

Yes, Lord. Teach us. As we feel the discomfort of time flying by, remind us that you have ordained all of our days. Assure our hearts that every moment given is written in your book. Let us weave our days with selfless love.