One Word                                                                                                                   Kellie Tipton

I wanted to crawl under the table when I heard him say it!  As I looked around the room, there was one question on everyone’s mind “Where did he hear that?”  I hung my head in shame as I confessed it was from me. 

As a young mom, I had been having some rough moments and for whatever reason it was so easy for this one word to slip out.   I would drop something and out of frustration I just could not contain this word! 

I honestly was not as concerned until it came out of my son one day at a big family meal.  What was crazy is that it was said at the perfect time as something fell.  He even knew where to place that profanatory word!

What was funny was that everyone was sort of looking at my husband to be the culprit when I spoke up.  I could have totally left it in the air and they would have not known the difference but I knew it was a moment that would help me with this bad habit that had formed.  I could see the look on their faces and as they chuckled lightly under their breath, but I knew it was something I needed to deal with or I would continue.

As with all bad habits, they do not happen all of a sudden.  It is a slow process where we give into the temptation and when it starts to get out of hand or we are caught (cough) it suddenly is a problem.  When actually it was always a problem, it just is now out in the open and we can no longer ignore it! 

It makes me think of that scripture where Jesus says "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41)  In this moment Jesus has found His disciples sleeping and He is warning them to stay alert and not give into their flesh. 

When I look at that scripture the part that stands out to me is “The spirit is willing”.  Willing means to be eager and ready!  The spirit is willing and able as long as we feed our spirits more than our flesh.  In fact starving our flesh is best.   That means choosing to stop and make the best decision and when you do fail, admitting it immediately!  This allows God to step in and the enemy does not have a foothold in your life. 

I remember telling someone that I pray that my children will always get caught.  Their reaction told me they thought I was mean or something, but it is just a misunderstanding.  I do not want my kids (or myself) to get away with anything because it will just allow bad habits to develop and sin into our life.  I would rather we get caught, have to deal with it and keep moving forward in our relationship with God.  The more we have to sincerely say “I’m sorry, please forgive me” the more we will desire to pursue holiness in a way that brings us closer to God. 

My moment of shame was all that I needed to catch my attention as to where this could be going and the affect it was having on my children.  While this may seem a small thing, my children seeing me apologize to them and witnessing my change of habit began to establish a bigger understanding of who God is and what following after Him looks like. 

The spirit is truly willing!