When Prayer Is Needed, But You Are Afraid To Ask!

When Prayer Is Needed, But You Are Afraid To Ask!

By Mavis Tipton

Recently I read a devotion, which struck a note with me.  The article was about a woman’s husband who needed to have liver biopsy. 

She was reluctant to call her friends and church family for prayer, because they had their own burdens and problems and she didn’t want to add to that.

But she knew she didn’t want to walk through it alone in fear, denial, or her own strength. 

Her email basically started out apologizing for having to ask for prayer.  Upon hitting send almost immediately friends were responding, telling her they would be praying, and thanking her for sharing with them.

One of her friends emailed her and said, “We’re all in this together, friend.”

As she pondered over the responses, she thought, what if I had not shared our need?  She would have missed the comfort of having friends with her, and peace that came through the power of their prayers. 

Her friends would have missed out on an opportunity to be the “body of Christ’ by guarding their friends minds with God’s promises and the power of prayer.

About 23 years ago, I discovered a lump in my breast.  My doctor felt that it should be removed, due to my mother’s history of breast cancer. 

I can’t begin to explain the fear that went through me when I discovered the lump.  I told Buddy immediately and he prayed for me. I told him I didn’t want to tell the whole church, which he respected. 

My reason was because of the horror stories I had heard over the years of well meaning Christians telling people that if they hadn’t done this, or if their faith was greater, they would be healed.  I just didn’t want to face that. 

Our faith was strong and as well as those praying. The lump was benign, which we were so thankful for, however I had a difficult time healing. 

Something that should have healed in a couple of weeks ended up taking six weeks.  I was on an emotional rollercoaster most of the time.

I had just come home from a doctor’s visit and I needed reassurance that I was going to be ok.  I went out on our deck and cried out to the Lord to please heal me, as He was the only one who could.

From that moment on I began healing and in a short time the wound was healed.

A few years later, I had to have a biopsy, which also was benign, but this time I told people and asked for their prayers.  What a difference. 

The peace and comfort and support that helped me through, not to mention that the Lord spoke through one friend, telling me I would be fine, there would be no cancer and it would be like a Christmas Present.’ 

When my doctor called to give me the results, her last words to me were, “a nice Christmas Present.”  I almost dropped the phone.   

God is so good and faithful, and He uses His people to help us through tough situations.  They comfort us and encourage us and help us to not give into fear. 

So don’t do like I did and shut people out when you are facing something bigger than you.  Call everyone you know and ask them to pray…they want to.

James 5:14

“Is anyone among you sick?  Let him call for the elders of the church,

And let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”