The Love of A Father

The Love of A Father

By Mavis Tipton

Exodus 20:12

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long

in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”


The in the month of May, on the second Sunday of the month we honor our mothers.  In June on the third Sunday of the month we honor our fathers.  The history of these two holidays is quite interesting. 

Each holiday was begun, because a child wished to honor their mother or father, and pushed for it to be recognized nationally.  Around the world other countries set-aside dates to honor their mothers and fathers, which do not coincide with the dates the U.S. has proclaimed as national holidays to honor our mothers and fathers. 

Honoring your mother and father is biblical.  It is a command from the Lord.  It is one of the 10 commandments. 

My father was a very good man.  He was honest, hard working, and lived a good clean life, however I was fearful of my father. He did not abuse me or mistreat me in any way.  He was strict and expected me to obey him. 

Being the little girl that I was, I didn’t always obey…I know hard to believe! I didn’t realize at the time that I was strong-willed, I just thought my dad was too strict and there were things I wanted to do, and when I went against his rules I paid the price… spankings. 

It wasn’t until I was probably in my 30’s that I began to realize how much my dad loved me, and that he only wanted the best for me. 

I was raised in a generation of “children are seen and not heard.”  Parents didn’t sit down with their children and explain why there were rules and consequences for breaking those rules.  You were expected to do as you were told. 

After I moved away from home, the relationship with my father changed.  We became close and I began to understand him better, and he also changed how he looked and thought about things.  

I began to see that I was the “apple of his eye,” that everything he ever did in raising me was to make me into the woman I am today.  He sacrificed and gave his all for his family.  He was misunderstood, but remained faithful to what he knew was right. 

He’s the one who wanted me in church, even though he didn’t go.  When I was ready to walk away from the church he encouraged me to stay in church, which I did. 

He was very proud of Buddy and I when we turned our lives over to the Lord.  He was supportive and proud of the life we choose to surrender to, when God calls us into ministry. 

He loved Paul and spending time with him. He was a natural at being a grandfather.

Thank you Dad for all you taught me, for your love and steadfastness.  For the example you were to me.  I love you and miss you. 

Happy Father’s Day To All the Fathers.

In Loving Memory of:

Kenneth Gordon Damewood

Dec. 15, 1912 – April 21, 1995

Your loving Daughter,