Kellie Tipton

How do you feel when someone responds “sure”?  Does it give you confidence that they really mean it or does it make you feel like there is some sarcasm or lack of enthusiasm mixed in? 

I ask this because I was noticing when I receive a response “sure” it makes me doubt if the person really wants to do what I am asking.  It seems recently that I have been receiving this response more and more to the point that it has caused me to look at the word more closely.

The definition of sure is confident, certain, positive with related words like authentic, real, genuine.  This is not how I was receiving this word! 

So then I looked at the urban dictionary and found this: the quickest way to answer a question when not paying attention, sarcastic.  Ah ha! This is definitely how I was receiving it.  Like it or not, our culture has caused this word to mean something quite opposite to its original worth.

Isn’t that how it is in most things?  If we just flow with life without setting our feet on any foundation we will lose all meaning and purpose. 

I was reading one morning about David in 2 Samuel 22.  In this passage, David was singing to the Lord on the day He was rescued from his enemies and Saul.  As I read I hear David’s praise and testimony of all that he had been going through and how the Lord was with him and rescued him.  One thing I know about David’s writings is that he shares all and in verses 31-34 he shares how he handles life with a firm foundation.

 31 “God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true.   

 He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection.

32 For who is God except the Lord?    

Who but our God is a solid rock?

33 God is my strong fortress,   

 and He makes my way perfect.

34 He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.

35 He trains my hands for battle; He strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow.

36 You have given me your shield of victory;your help has made me great.

37 You have made a wide path for my feetto keep them from slipping.

A picture comes to mind of our family dog when I read this.  He has a fear of getting into our pool and the kids have worked at getting him more comfortable.  They will take their boogie board and bring it to the side of the pool and encourage him to step on it.  He will come up to the board and reach his paw out and test the stability of the board.  After a few times, he will confidently step right on the board with his head held high.  I think he does that for fear of the water, but it gives such a good picture.  He is “surefooted”, unlikely to stumble or slip, and confident.  He trusts that the kids will keep him from slipping. (Well, most of the time!)

It is so important that we keep our feet set on a solid foundation or we will go with the waves of culture, preference, tolerance and forget the true meaning and purpose for our lives!  Our feet need to be on the Word of God and connected with others who we can look to for encouragement and stability.

With God as our foundation we can walk as David did, surefooted with confidence!