Where Are Your Priorities?

Where Are Your Priorities?

By Cheryl McCloud

A group of us were listening to a friend describe recently how her daughter and her family were working together to create a working farm. I found myself wondering just what we found so fascinating about something -- that by all accounts -- is a LOT of hard work.

I think we're drawn to the sense of family and purpose that they're working together to accomplish.

The tapestry we call the Bible is woven with strands from start to finish with stories about families. Soon after creating Adam, God formed Eve, saying it wasn't good for man to live alone.” The church is the bride of Christ. We read the long lists of names that trace lineage from one generation to another.

Deep in our innermost being, we long for relationships, for someone to share with, to be a part of our lives, to know who we are in connection to those who surround us.

No family is perfect; not even Adam and Eve got that right. Noah's son laughed at him - an action that had consequences for generations to come. Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery. David wasn't even invited when Samuel came to dinner.

God created us for relationships, first with Him and then with our families: our spouse, our children and extending out from there. When those relationships are missing, we seem to try to fill the void with the wrong things ... and none of them work.

But how many of us make God and our families our FIRST priority? Do you spend time every day with Him, and then with your spouse, with your children? When was the last time you REALLY talked with each other - and going over tomorrow's schedule of who is where doesn't count! How many of us have dinner together, without distractions? When did we become so disconnected with those closest to us?
The good news is that every day is a fresh day. Spend time with God, your spouse and children. Make them first - before anything else. Those things will get done, I promise, but that one moment to talk, share or listen, won't come again.