The Wallet Prayer

This month we are introducing two new writers. We welcome Denise Schmeer.  You will be greatly blessed as Dense shares from her heart.

Denise Preziosi Robinson Schmeer

Born and raised in White Plains, New York, Denise visited Florida for the first time when she was four (4) years old and spent the next 40 years trying to return.  The only child of Fred & Del Preziosi, she was raised in a Roman Catholic Church where a foundation of faith was laid for her life.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the State University of New York – Albany and worked for Fortune 100 companies in the northeast.  In 1997, she finally made her way to Vero Beach, Florida as a single, divorced mom with her two (2) young children in tow.  Shortly after arriving, she was hired to work at Indian River State College in the Institutional Advancement Department where many wonderful Christians spoke into her life.  In 1999, she became a born-again Christian at Glendale Baptist Church and so began her journey to walk with Jesus.  In 2009, due to an unforeseen turn of events, Denise met and eventually married William Charles “Chuck” Schmeer and became a member of Central Assembly Church.  Together they have grown in faith and commitment to God’s command to spread His word and shine His light.

The Wallet Prayer

By Denise Schmeer

“Go to God in prayer for all things.”  Well, how many times have I heard that or been told that!  And I usually did – for all the BIG things.  But apparently, God really wanted me to learn He truly meant in ALL things – seek Him first in prayer.

So finally – I got it!  How?  Well, God definitely works in mysterious ways!  For me, it started with a phone call from my son, who was in college 1400 miles away from Vero Beach.  It was about 10:30 one evening and the call started with, “Mom, I can’t find my wallet!” 

“OK,” I say, “Did you retrace your steps?”  He replies yes, and goes on to explain how he went to visit some friends and wore these new sweat pants that had shallow pockets, etc.  So I stayed on the phone with him while he retraced his steps, AGAIN . . . and while he searched his desk too.  (You know, maybe he thought he took his wallet, but really left it at home.)  So now, it’s almost 11:00 p.m. and he says he needs to go to Kroger to pick up some groceries.  He assures me he can use the emergency money in his strong box.  “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, mom.  I love you.  Thanks for trying to help me find my wallet.” 

I hang up the phone and for the first time in my life (no exaggeration), I say to God, “God, you know exactly where my son’s wallet is and I believe you can show it to him.  Please, Lord, I’m so far away but you are right there with him.  Thank you, God, thank you.” 

And that was my prayer – immediate and for a small thing – my son’s wallet. 

About 20 minutes later the phone rings and it’s my son.  “You’re not going to believe this Mom, but I found my wallet!” “Where?” I ask.  “Well, says my son, “I drove my car to Kroger and when I came out, I noticed a “light” shining right on my gas cap door.  And the door looked funny, like it wasn’t closed right.  So, I go over to fix it, and when I open it – there was my wallet!  Can you believe that?  I mean, how did it get there?”  He continued to chatter about this seemingly unbelievable turn of events, but I had stopped listening.  I just looked up to heaven and thanked God while both laughing and crying.  “I got it, God,” I said.  In ALL things, in ALL things – go to YOU in prayer. 

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  Mark 11:24 (NIV)

For God, no prayer is too BIG, but no prayer is too SMALL.