Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

By Kellie Tipton

Growing up as the youngest in my family I have found that many of my memories are in fact memories shared by family.  Because of this phenomenon I always doubt if I actually have experienced this memory or if it is one told by my family. 

There is however a specific memory or I should say memories of each year as we approach the Christmas season you would always find us in the kitchen making cream cheese cookies with my mom. 

This has been one of many creations that has been a tradition and many times were gifts to friends and family.  To this day this cookie brings back such happy memories and as my brothers and I started our families, our children have become a part of this tradition.

I will however never forget the time that we were in the kitchen making cookies and my mom was sharing about her childhood and those memories she held dear.

I was older and starting to raise a family of my own.  As I listened to her, it dawned on me that my mom had not passed down a family tradition. 

This tradition started with her.  I started thinking about all the different things we did as a family from birthday to holiday celebrations and I was overwhelmed with an awareness of what my mom and dad had given my brothers and I.  I was very aware of the spiritual significance in this as well.

I knew my parents had determined early on that they were going to provide a stable and loving home for us.  As they went along figuring out what that would look like, they both came to know the Lord. 

While this was a revelation to me, it has been such a beautiful reminder of God’s love and how He makes all things new. 

You may have grown up in a family with generations of family traditions or maybe you can relate with me. We all have the opportunity to begin a new life in Christ and we all have the opportunity to start new things in our life.  This could be a new habit, or a new tradition but it all starts and ends with us. 

As I watch my children and my nieces making Christmas cookies I realize we are passing on to the next generation much more than a tradition. 

This Christmas cookie has become a symbol of God’s grace and mercy. 

So as you celebrate this Christmas season I pray you are reminded of all the gifts that God has given you even before you ever open a present.