Her Most Treasured Possession

Her Most Treasured Possession 

By Vicki Molinari 

She lay on the floor next to various colorful toys.  It is obvious she is actively embraced as well as occasionally dropped.  Her body is visibly worn sporting no clothes, just a dirty and soiled bare figure out there for all to see.  She has a bandage on her head, ink marks on her arms and her cloth body is a dingy brown, mottled with stains.  Appearing to be anything but special, meet "Jensen", Elana's doll.

If this doll could talk, she would tell us of all her many adventures. She has been to various types of stores, theme parks, beaches, playgrounds, restaurants, and also traveled to other cities and states. She has even seen snow!  Carried sometimes just by her foot, Jensen has enjoyed life as Elana knows it!  

Recently, while on one of our outings at a local retail store came this comment.  "Perhaps you should buy her a new doll," the cashier said with a smile.  Meaning well, this gal presented her point to me.   

This doll was certainly not drawing attention because of her beautiful appearance but instead, perhaps it was now time she should be thrown away, like trash.  She was well worn from all the many experiences in her world since she broke loose from her original packaging.  Tattered, dirty and not desirable to a stranger's eye she is "broken". That is what a well-intentioned clerk saw.  

However, those who know Elana and her dolly Jensen, are well aware this doll is loved real good, in ways only a 2-year old could love a doll. She is treasured and adored!  Often she is rocked, cradled, comforted and soothed when dropped unexpectedly.  Elana has the ability to look right past the imperfections of her soiled and worn body to see a precious companion with whom she shares her world. She is her treasure! 

God says the same about us, dear friend.   

In Exodus 19:5 it says, "Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession".

We are of greater value to the Father than the most awesome treasure imaginable.  God poured out His love on us and proved our worth to Him by offering the most paramount payment He could possibly pay. Jesus death on the cross is the proof that we are God's most treasured possession.

Can you imagine that?  

The God, who made every precious jewel, gold, and silver, has chosen us to be His adored treasure. He loves us despite our past full of mistakes, pain and the scars to prove it. We are HIS.  We are loved. Period.  

Just as Elana loves and cherishes her soiled doll, Jensen, so the Creator of the universe adores us, just the way we are.  

No matter the season of our life and all of the unexpected twists and turns, our worth is not based on what we think of ourselves, what we look like, our sorted past, or by our own good deeds. Our value is found in Him.  We are His treasure!  We are loved!

Receive that today, will you?  

Dear Lord,

Thank you that we are loved by you, our Creator.  Cause us to know your love for us and feel your warm embrace.  Help us to realize that despite our past mistakes and the scars we carry to prove our pain, our value does not come from what we have done, the things we do or do not do.  Our value is because we are YOURS!  We are your most valued treasure. Today, we place our hearts and lives in your hands.

In Jesus Name,