Hate Mail

Hate Mail

By Tammye Hamilton

The long depressing email arrived on a Monday and landed heavily on my heart. It brimmed with accusation and half-truths. Someone I love like a sister announced that although she loved me, we were no longer friends. I did not feel loved.

The things she seemed convinced I'd done had never even occurred to me. Perception is a complicated thing. Once someone is deceived, the only thing that matters is how they feel. 

I wrote five responses in my head. I prayed. I forgave her. I prayed some more. I mentally composed three more brilliantly defensive answers. Truth was on my side.

Then I sat down to write my response. And all I felt was love. So I simply told my friend what I love about her. I didn't defend myself or correct the untruths. I didn't even want to after all. That was a miracle for this outspoken justice girl. 

The love I expressed flowed from a place that was not my injured, defensive heart. It was from the One who lives in me and overcomes the works of the evil one. He reminded me of all the joy my friend has brought me and all the things I admire about her. He also reminded me of her wounds. We all have them. They color our thoughts and invade our relationships. 

I spoke the absolute truth. The tears flowed as I penned the words. I was amazed to find my own heart healing as I wrote. 

I was still surprised when the next day, I felt no pain. The next week I hardly thought of it. Grace had closed the door on rejection and drama.

There was no response to my email. We speak politely and hug when our paths cross but it is clear her heart is not open to mine.

We talk of confronting lies with the truth and I believe there is a place for that. But I'm thinking now that the truth we most often must speak into deceived hearts is the truth of LOVE. No matter the risk. Love endures ALL things.

Chances are you have been misunderstood, falsely accused or rejected by someone you love and you know this heart pain. I promise you that If you forgive in faith and respond in love, your heart CAN heal. 

Jesus experienced so much injustice. He knows this pain. He was Perfect...definitely not something any of us can claim, yet He humbled himself and took all my yuck and all your yuck on Himself. His perfect, sinless self. Because He loves us.

That is something to fill your heart and mind with today. That kind of love. It sets us free, fills us up and overflows on others. I want to be a carrier of that kind of love, don't you?

Whether or not we're vindicated. Even when our accusers don't repent. Even if the reconciliation we pray for never happens. Because true grace and deep abiding love found us. 

And after He had appeared in human form, He abased and humbled Himself still further and carried His obedience to the extreme of death, even the death of the cross!  Philippians 2:8 (Amplified Bible)