Safe In Her Daddy's Arms

Safe In Her Daddy’s Arms

By Mavis Tipton

As we prepared for our Easter Production, there were several scenes of Jesus healing different people.  One is of a little girl who has died.  As the father carries her to Jesus, the little girl’s limp body lies in her daddy’s arms, trusting that he will hold her safely and not drop her.

Even as the daddy places her in the arms of Jesus she remains limp and not afraid.  Totally trusting her daddy to place her in Jesus’ arms.

The Lord spoke to me through this scene of how we need to have the faith of a child and trust Jesus to hold us safely in His arms through the storms of life, as well as through the good times.

But so often we try to do things in our own strength, which only leads to disappointment, failure, spiritual poverty and ultimate loss.

Those who trust completely in the Lord will be blessed and rewarded in the end with eternal benefits. 

The faithful do not have to worry or be afraid in any situation because the “roots” of their life go deep into God.

Trusting in the good times is easy, but when the circumstances of life come our way we have to be intentional and choose to trust Him in all circumstances.

We need to have child like faith as we come to the Father and repent and receive His Son as our Savior.

Letting go of all the baggage, hurts and disappointments that life has brought our way.

Believing that God the Father through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ can ‘fix it and make it all better,’ just as a child believes their daddy can ‘make it all better.’    

As we celebrate Easter, we are made more aware of the price Jesus Christ paid, to redeem us from our sins.  Let us not loose sight of the love of a Father who gave His only Son for our redemption, and share our story.

Through child-like faith we can share what Jesus has done for us, and what He will do for all who will call upon His name.

Trust in your heavenly Father to hold you and guide you as you share your faith in Him.

Jer. 17:7

“Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord,

whose trust is the LORD.”

May Easter live in your hearts all year.