"God, This is Mommy, Do You Hear Me?"

"God, This is Mommy, Do You Hear Me?"

Vicki Molinari

Over coffee, one rainy day, I recall a conversation with a young mother.  She was asking, "God, what is your purpose for my life?"

 You see, as a single young lady she felt His will for her life was clear. She was involved in outreach ministries, choir and much more. The season was full of opportunities in which she could serve Him!!   

Actually, it was while serving the Lord that she met her husband. As two single people, they were busy about their Father's business.  They fell in love, got married and soon after had a child. Needless to say, her life changed dramatically.

In this new season, she often felt alone and ineffective for Jesus. What was her purpose? How could she possibly serve the Lord trapped inside the four walls of her home, day in and day out?

How could folding umpteen loads of laundry or changing dozens of dirty diapers be significant for Jesus? Her once hour- long daily devotion was traded for brief prayers while nursing the baby. Journaling was rare.

I reminded her that God was at the center of this new season and was watching her "serve" her husband and her child.  He sees it all and it brings Him such joy. 

I encouraged her that as she would continue in her devotion to the Lord, no matter what that looked like, she would begin to understand that her family was her priority. He would faithfully guide her, giving her wisdom for each day.    

Without a fancy stage, a mission to ten thousand or success in a ministry, God is waiting for a humble, thankful, and obedient daughter to be the loving wife and mommy that only she can be.

The bible says,” For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

Being a mommy is His plan, a very high calling.  "So why is it so hard? Why am I challenged at every turn? Why, God? Do you hear me?" was her prayer.

I reminded her, as a mommy your day is centered on bike rides, building blocks and bubble baths. Saying yes to playing outside seems difficult sometimes after all, how many lizards can we catch in one week?

Yet, you are the perfect person to serve milk and cookies, clean their boo-boos and read a bedtime story.  You are the queen homework helper and taxi driver.  For the dance recitals, soccer games or choir performances, your voice is the one they hear first, cheering them on!

You are MOMMY.   You may not get any applause or standing ovations from a grand audience, however you are the mommy to a precious family, doing what is right in God's eyes, one day at a time, some days one minute at a time.

You DO have purpose. He hears your laughter and catches each tear.  Even when you don't see it, God moves in the everyday, mundane moments.  Mommies are extra special.

Don't compare your life to others who seem to have rewarding careers or thriving ministries. Instead, believe that in the midst of the daily duties, God is faithful.   We honor Him in how we serve and love our families.  

For the mommy, who has long days full of snotty noses, messy diapers and floors scattered with toys, God is faithful. For the mommy who seems to always be late getting your kids to school, God is faithful.

You are stretched far beyond reality, but your greatest life accomplishments happen as you train and shape your child's heart and mind. One day, you will look back and be grateful for the time you devoted. I know, I am.

Happy Mother’s Day