Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes

By Tammye Hamilton

There were dirty dishes in the sink along with sticky spots on the kitchen counter and floor. The glass coffee table needed a good cleaning. Clutter was scattered around the living room. 

Everything was perfect.

“Welcome! Come on it! I’m so glad you’re here!”

I greeted each friend warmly as they arrived at my home for our discipleship group, making sure to give each one a meaningful hug.

That day’s discussion was about the things that keep us from reaching out to others. As we talked I asked a question, “What did you notice when you arrived at my house today?”

One by one they answered, “How warmly you greeted me at the door.” “The wonderful hug you gave me. I so needed that this morning.”  Another said, “You really made me feel like you are happy I’m here.”

If they noticed my messy house, it obviously didn’t matter. What mattered was the way I made them feel.

As my friends learned that day, many of the fears we have when we talk about welcoming people into our lives have to do with things that don’t really matter.

There are so many hurting people in our city, people who are just looking for someone to care.

A hurting person probably won’t notice that your sofa is worn or that you aren’t dressed in the latest style. You will make a lasting impression if you are interested in her and what is going on in her life.

What if we focus on showing compassion and being real rather than being so concerned about appearances?

What if we choose the adventure of reaching those outside the security of the church walls?

What if we let them see our imperfections and the amazing grace we walk in?

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.  2 Corinthians 4:7