By Mavis Tipton

I’ve noticed over the past year or so, that a lot of articles, blogs, devotions, the Word preached from pulpits, is often in connection with “Forgiveness.”

As born-again Christians we are taught from the beginning of our walk with the Lord to forgive, so that we may be forgiven.

I was reading Christine Caine’s book “Undaunted.”  In it she shares her testimony.

She makes this statement: “If I were to stop hurting and instead find wholeness and healing, then I needed to forgive and trust.

That statement literally jumped out of the book at me, and I said to the Lord,

“why do I have a problem trusting?”

He said. “because you have un-forgiveness in your heart.”  I was shocked, as I usually forgive quickly, because I don’t like how I feel when I carry around un-forgiveness.

Immediately the Lord reminded me of a situation when I was very young,  that I had totally forgotten.  At the moment He revealed this to me I instantly felt like I did at that time.  It was a feeling of distrust.  The door to mistrust had been opened, and would accumulate other acts of distrust over the years.  Unfortunately those hurts were pushed down further and further.

Early in our ministry, I was hurt by the words of a “well meaning” person, and I ran straight to the Lord crying and complaining.  Because I had been trying so hard to please everyone and now it wasn’t working.

I felt the Lord gently put His hands on my shoulders and gently lifted my chin to look Him in the eyes, and He said to me, “keep your eyes on Me.  Do what I ask you to do, and for the most part things will go well.  You can’t please all the people all the time.”

I did just that, however I had never forgiven that person, which the Lord reminded me.

I immediately poured my heart out to the Lord and began the process of forgiving people who had hurt me throughout my life. 

The Lord was merciful and brought to remembrance those I needed to forgive. And I received forgiveness for releasing to Him the hurts of the past.

Col 3:13“bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.”

Bearing means there will be pain to endure.

If we want to be healed, we must choose to trust what God our Great Physician asks.  By forgiving those who have wounded us there will be a change, a good result, strength and wholeness.  (By Christine Caine).

I am here to testify that God’s forgiveness and the power to forgive others, is freeing and healing.

Maybe you are struggling with mistrust, and hurts from the past or present, if so I invite you to go before the Lord and ask Him to reveal to you those hurts and mistrust you have residing within you.  He is waiting for you to reach out to Him.  He will hear you and answer your cry for healing and freedom.

Reach out to Him now.  He desires the best for His children. 

Father, I ask that you reach out and by Your Holy Spirit speak to Your Sons and Daughters.  Wrap Your loving arms around them, and guide them through the forgiving and healing process.  May Your love, grace and peace fill their souls.  Thank you Father.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen