By Jacqi Ballough

It’s become a tradition this last year that I choose a book of the Bible to read and discuss for our morning devotion. Once we have finished that book, it is my son’s turn to pick one. 

Today, Joshua was his choice, again.  I don’t know how many times we have read, listened to, and re-read Joshua but it’s one of my son’s favorites. There is something about the Old Testament with its spies and battles that seems to intrigue boys. 

Although the repetition causes some lack of enthusiasm on my part, the Lord never fails to reveal a new treasure hidden in “old stories.” 

I read Rahab’s words in Joshua 2:9 “I know the Lord has given you this land and that a great fear of you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.” Then, I paused.

“Melting? Does it really say melting mom?”

I admit I paused because the word “melting” threw me off too.  Maybe I had read a different translation in the past, but “melting” in fear did not ring a bell.

Trying to be funny I responded, “Yes. Why do you think they chose the word melting? Have you seen a person melt?”

I did get a smile before the “I don’t know,” and began thinking it is hot enough to melt with the recent 90 degree temperatures but that is definitely not the scenario we were discussing here.  Then the revelation hit.

“Have you seen a toddler melt down?”


“That’s basically what was happening to the people of Jericho. They heard of God’s miraculous works with the Israelites escaping Egypt under the protection of their God, yet they didn’t understand it. They allowed that lack of understanding to lead to a fear of losing what they had (the City) which in turn robbed them of the blessings and protection of faith in God. Rahab chose not to allow fear to disable her even though everyone around her was afraid. She bravely sought truth and protection for her family. She chose to respond to that which she didn’t understand in faith, not selfish fear. She became active, not reactive.”

In life, when we become confused about what’s happening around us, or afraid, we can melt down and throw a tantrum because things aren’t going our way, just like a toddler, or we can respond by actively seeking truth and faith in God, not man, like Rahab.

Lord help me be brave and respond actively. Keep me from allowing others’ fears to disable my faith. Like you protected Rahab’s family with the scarlet cord, protect our family with the blood of your son, Jesus.