Sing To The Lord

Sing to the Lord

By Debbie Walker 

Recently I was at a week-long conference with about 400 people who all serve in the same organization as our family.  Many of these people I have met over the years and consider friends or even family. It is like a big extended family reunion that you want to attend.  

This conference is a great time to catch up and hear about the ups and downs of others’ journeys.  Many of these journeys are marked with the hardship of serving the Lord full-time.  

Conference is also a time to worship and pray together and to be encouraged by speakers.  Each morning and evening sessions were started with worship.  

As the week went on, it seemed that the worship grew sweeter and sweeter.  There is nothing quite as amazing as a room full of people, whole-heartedly worshipping Jesus together. 

Worship was sweet not because we did not have troubles, but despite the troubles we were choosing to stop and sing together.  Life is not easy and there are many times that the tough circumstances of life seems bigger than anything else.  It is at those times that we need to sing praises to the Lord.  We need to proclaim His salvation over our lives. 

It is easy to sing praises to the Lord when we feel blessed and all is going well.  It is not so easy to sing praises when things are going rough.  

Regardless of what is going on in our lives, the salvation we have received through Jesus is more than enough to sing about in our lives. 

Choose in the midst of every day, in every circumstance, to praise the Lord; to sing praises to His name. 

Psalm 96:2 Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.