Allowing Him To Lead

Allowing Him to Lead

By Vicki Molinari

Ouch! The look on my father's face revealed the pain he was feeling. As we swayed back and forth to the music, it was evident I had much to learn about dancing.  The expected smoothness of our movement was interrupted over and over by my missteps resulting in stepping on his toes. 

My mistake, he said was that I was not allowing him to lead me. 

That was an unplanned lesson of love from my dad that would be carried over into my marriage.

You see, I was strong-willed and determined. From as early as I could remember, my independent spirit had resulted in selfish ambitions, with little love realized.

Imagine my surprise when I got married. My once self-ruling attitude and habits collided with a strong man with whom God had blessed me.  My idea of marriage and love was as a starry-eyed bride with a happily ever after mentality.  I knew I loved him, however I was ignorant of what the commitment behind that love really was, allowing him to lead me and knowing he was directed by God. 

Jesus set the perfect example. First, I must yield to His love.  John 4:14 says if we confess Christ, He perfects His love in us.  As He occupies every chamber of our hearts, our lives proclaim the truth that all mankind longs to hear. 

That pure love of our Creator isn't haughty, it is humble.  True love does not stand tall, it bends low.  Jesus demonstrated how true love is sacrificial at its core. The truest love of all stooped the lowest, so we might know the height of his amazing love.  1 Peter 3:18

Three plus decades later, I am very aware of my need for my husband's leadership and true love. He is a servant leader, continually seeking God for ways to serve as he leads me and our family.  Because of his leadership, I realized as a wife, true love stoops to gather the dirty clothes on the floor. As a mother, it bends down to speak kindness to a child.  True love kneels quietly in prayer, instead of spewing words of discord, choosing to be righteous instead of right, servant instead of master and meek instead of prideful.

I did not realize it as a young newlywed, but the heights of love can only be discovered in the depths of surrender.  It seemed unnatural to me and impossible on my own, but with Jesus there was victory.

Dear Lord, cause us to recognize You as our ultimate leader and the lover of our souls.  Show us how to follow our husbands with love, respect and admiration as we love them in the ways that please you.   In Jesus Name, Amen.