Something About Amanda!

Something About Amanda

By Denise Schmeer


A sweet baby girl was born recently into our church family and it sparked a flood of memories about the birth of my sweet girl many years ago.

At that time in my life, I was so very far away from God, but God, in His goodness, was not far away from me. It seemed everything that could go “wrong” with my baby- went wrong.

At just 24 hours old, she apparently stopped breathing and was turning blue in the nursery. But, thank God, a new nurse had just started to work there. She noticed the crisis situation ands saved my sweet baby girl.

The nurse was a NICU specialist and quite familiar with symptoms of newborns. She had just arrived (literally one week before) from the United Kingdom. (How’s that for a God thing?) So my sweet baby girl had to be put on a heart monitor. We had to learn infant CPR and the local power authority was put on notice, so if we lost power, a portable generator would be rushed to our house.

One week later we were able to take our sweet baby girl home! And a few days after that I noticed she was burning hot- something is very wrong, I thought. So we rushed back to the hospital. Our sweet baby girl was diagnosed with viral meningitis, and then we were told a valve in her heart hadn’t closed and she might be blind, deaf, and by the way, there could be some brain damage. Looking back, I wonder, how did I manage without comfort, strength, faith, hope, and peace which only comes from God?

But God is good, and He kept sending people to bring His gifts. He sent my Uncle Joe (who was terrified of hospitals) to come and hold my sweet baby girl- a tangle of tubes and wires attached to her. Only by God’s grace could Unkie Joe have done that! Then God sent the #1 heart doctor and the #1 neurologist in Westchester County to help heal all which seemed to have gone so very wrong.

Yes, the reckless love of God, as the song goes…no shadow He won’t light up, mountain He won’t climb up, running after me. No wall He won’t kick down, lie He won’t tear down, running after me.

So I wonder…how different would that journey in my life, and the life of my daughter, have been if I had known Jesus as my Lord and Savior? The peace, comfort and strength from all those offering prayer on my behalf and that of my sweet bay girl. What a blessing was out there for me, if only I had drawn close to God. But, I’m living proof that God is so good, so kind, so loving- seeking me, even when I wasn’t seeking Him.