Daddy Time

Daddy Time

By Jacqi Ballough

While walking my dog early one evening, I heard an exuberant yell, “DADDY’s HOME!” I turned to see our little three-year-old neighbor bolt out the front door, arms wide open, and grinning from ear to ear. 

As Daddy emerged from his truck, the little boy ran at lightening speed only stopping when Daddy grabbed him up in an embrace. 

It made me smile and remember when our son was that little. But even though ours is now eleven, size is really the main change. His elated expression and desire to be with Daddy has only increased, and he will still yell “Daddy’s home!” excitedly, even going to the extent to await his father’s arrival in the garage, not wanting to miss the first glimpse of his appearance. 

There is an unexplainable joy that comes home with Daddy. After having missed his presence all day, not an ounce wants to be missed once he arrives.

Even the smallest children know Daddy-time is precious.

To little girls, he is their knight in shining armor and to little boys, a hero. The time spent with Dad fills their hearts with love and satisfaction. 

There is also something about having alonetimewith Daddy. Children tend to want Daddy to just be with them and have his undivided attention. Whether it is playing with them, watching them, teaching them, experimenting with them, or simply sitting with them, whatever it is doesn’t matter, the undivided attention from Daddy is the delight.  

As God’s child, I feel this way too. I have the same desire to yell his name, jump into his arms, and to sit with Him, not missing a moment of His presence. 

I want to be alone with him, listen to Him, embrace Him, and have Him pick me up sharing my laughter and tears. 

When I become irritable and dissatisfied with life, I know I have not been in His presence, and I yearn to see Him. I need to get away with God. It is for my spiritual and physical well-being. 

Jesus did this in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1) and on a mountain (Matthew 14:23). He gave me the model but some days I wonder “how Lord?” I notice Matthew 14:23 states “he dismissed” the multitudes. Well, I can’t dismiss my family and obligations, but I can prioritize my time and assert boundaries. 

Susanne Wesley (who was the mother of John Wesley and a total of 19 children) prayed daily. She told her children that if they saw her sitting with her apron over her head, she was in prayer and not to be disturbed. 

What a wonderful example to her children and to me! I’m sure God, like all fathers, appreciated her time and dedication to their relationship. 

I can imagine an apron over my head imprinted with “Do not disturb. Daddy timein progress.” 

You satisfy me more than the richest feast.
   I will praise you with songs of joy.

I lie awake thinking of you,
   meditating on you through the night. Psalm 63:5-6