Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls

By Jacqi Ballough

Last year I taught English and math to five girls and three boys, ages ranging from nine to eleven. Their assignment was to create a restaurant and menu, price items accordingly, and then sell their services. They were then required to take orders, serve, and mathematically provide the customer with an accurate bill, including tax, and make change. 

After splitting the children into boy and girl groups, I laughed at the contrast between the outcomes. 

The “S and A Bakery” and “Delectable Deli” will satisfy your sweet tooth with puff pastries, coffee cakes, gelato, homemade cakes, and croissants while also serving a light lunch of salads, veggie rolls, shrimp bisque, hummus and chips, or a small cheese platter and fruit. Drinks include coffee (iced or hot), tea, and a family favorite, hot chocolate. They have a kids menu too, so bring the little ones along!

On the other hand, the “Western Swamp Grill: Fresh Kill” is for the ravenously hungry. To start your meal right, try the cornbread with butter, chicken wings, or fried cheese sticks. Then move onto a meal of gator tail, burgers, steak, or frog legs. Add a side of mac n’cheese, jerky, green beans, or fries, and wash it down with root beer, Arnold Palmer, or sweet tea. Top off your satisfying meal with apple pie and ice cream.

The differences between boys and girls are very apparent and very opposite, but both so very good. The Lord made us that way. Different. Male and female. Our differences are both Him.

We are both made in His image: The man, defending and conquering. The woman, serving and nurturing. It’s those differences that make us complete though. The Lord said “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18. 

Sometimes our brains may process the differences between men and women as annoying or potentially crazy, but we form a strong team when we recognize those qualities as God-given abilities to complete the opposite sex. Note that Eve was made as a “helper”(partner, teammate, assistant) to Adam and then they became “one flesh.”(Genesis 2:24)

When a man and a woman become one, strength is obtained from the union.

I look at my parents who are celebrating their 50thwedding anniversary and am so proud they fought through their differences to maintain their union as “one flesh.”It wasn’t always easy, and I can even remember some of their heated arguments. After one particular conflict, I remember confronting my Dad and self-righteously telling him to go ahead with his plan despite my mother’s feelings. His words were fairly simple, “I’m not going to do that. She’s my teammate.” Dad put me in my place. He was right. We (boys and girls) are a team, even if the union causes friction at times. 

Without our differences, we wouldn’t be as effective or strong for the Kingdom of God. So, if your feelings are telling you to complain about the opposite sex or give up, deny the feelings and praise God for the contrast. Choose to see the beauty in our union and God-given roles. You will be blessed.