Back To School

Back to School

By Jacqi Ballough

After a very leisurely summer, the idea of returning to the consistency of a school schedule brings some comfort, but also a heaviness. Helping my child with reading, writing, math, Bible, history, English, handwriting, geography, science, spelling, music, art, field trips, and P.E. can cause mental exhaustion. Then I remember all the household chores which also need to be accomplished on top of the school schedule and work. 

My brain begins to crave a never-ending lazy summer and wonder if I can succeed fulfilling all these roles. Am I trying to do too much Lord? Are my priorities in line with yours?

As a family we continually pray for the Lord to guide our steps, take the wrong people and obligations out, and put the right people and obligations in. Sometimes it is so clear, whereas at other times, it is foggy. 

In those foggy moments, I fear failure and become afraid of stepping out in faith. I have to shove those lies away and replace them with truth.

Scripture states, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which will grow – perhaps they all will.”  (Ecclesiastes 11:4, 6 NLT) 

What a relief! The Lord doesn’t want me to wait. He is encouraging me to produce and keep my life from being idle by investing my time, resources, and energy in a variety of people and responsibilities.

The best part of this scripture is the “perhaps.” There is no guarantee of success, but there is the possibility of total success too! The Lord doesn’t care about the earthly successes. He just wants a willing heart trusting and seeking Him. I believe the true victory comes with trusting Him to place us where we need to be and who we need to be with.

Deborah was an Old Testament Judge, who already had her plate full settling Israelite disputes, when she conveyed a commandment from the Lord to Barak. Barak was to assemble 10,000 troops and battle King Jabin’s army victoriously. Unfortunately, the command to Barak was met with, “Only if you go with me.” (Judges 4)

Can you imagine if Deborah responded, “Seriously! The Lord said He would give you victory why do I need to go hold your hand? I’m already dealing with all these Israelite disputes and don’t have the time. The command wasn’t for me anyway. It’s your job.”

Thankfully, Deborah replied, “Very well. I will go with you…the Lord is marching ahead…” She didn’t make excuses or blame shift. She was ready and willing to serve the Lord and her comrades who needed her.

Lord, like Deborah, give me the wisdom, energy, perseverance, and perspective to accomplish your will. I do love learning alongside my child as he goes back to school, and know there is no way I can be a housewife, mother, and teacher in my own strength. I need You. Please go before me Lord.