Do You Want Your Daddy?

Do You Want Your Daddy?
By Vicki Molinari

I crumbled to the kitchen floor, completely overwhelmed by my circumstances. As I wept, my face in my hands, the gentle touch of my toddler daughter caused me to look up. “Do you want your daddy”, she asked?

Sometimes, often times we learn valuable lessons from our children. This was one lesson I will never forget.

Life was hard! All within two years, I was married, became a step mother and birthed two kids fourteen months apart.

Young and invincible, we got married and had children much quicker than advised by most of our family and friends.

We were in love and believed that a loving God brought us together and with that, what else did we need?

So many things!

Things that would be revealed in time as we walked humbly committed to God and each other.

And so...The life lessons became many for the past 33 years.

Has it been easy? No!

Has it been worth it? Yes!

What was the lesson I learned that day from my sweet baby girl?

When she saw me crying, this two-year-old reminded me of love. 

She knew she could always count on the love, protection and strength of her daddy, Joel.  Just the same, I needed my daddy, Jesus!

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you”.

Forever I have decided, when struggles come beyond my ability to see a clear outcome, I fall to my knees and seek the One who knows me the best. 


I want my Daddy, God!