Enter The New Year With A New Heart

Enter the New Year with A New Heart

By Mavis Tipton

Prov. 4:23 “Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.” 

This past year was a year of much prayer for Buddy’s heart and overall health.  Seeking the Lord to bring healing either miraculously, or through guiding the doctors.  

After several attempts to shock the heart back into rhythm and it failing to stay in rhythm it was decided to do a Heart Ablation. 

This so far is working, which we are very thankful for. Buddy is being monitored for an extra heartbeat, which doesn’t happen all the time, just once in a while.  

Heart disease can be caused by many different things. Not taking care of yourself, abusing your body, hereditary factors, and the list goes on.   

The heart a small organ the size of a closed fist, yet it empowers the entire body.  It is a complexed strong, delicate organ. Without the heart we will die.

The heart not only allows the human body to function it is the center of our being.  The heart is the mind,emotionsand the willof our soul.  The heart is where the inner man and outer man contact.  

Something that one of Buddy’s doctors said to us, was “you need to get this done soon, as the longer the heart stays out of rhythm, the harder it is to get it back in rhythm.  It doesn’t want to change.”

How true this is for the spiritual heart.  When the spirit-man is neglected and not cared for, he drifts further and further away from his commitment to the Lord, and he develops a harden heart.  The Good News is the Great Physician is there waiting to do ‘heart surgery’ to refresh, renew and restore, like only He can do. 

As the scripture says: “Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.”

Do you guard your heart more than anything else? The definition for Guard; (protect, keep safe, be cautious.  Defend, a watchful state.  Prevent injury.)  Are you doing these things to guard your heart both physically and spiritually?

God our Father has given us the only tool we need to guard our hearts and that is His Word.  As you read and study God’s Word He directs you.  Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit-man and as you listenand obeyHe protects you from those things that can bring harm to you.

God has our backs, but more importantly our hearts. He only wants the best for His children.   

I invite you to take a moment to come before the Father, and surrender all to Him.  To ask Him to do whatever ‘heart surgery’ He needs to do, so you can “Have a new heart for a new year.”

Matt. 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”