With God, We Fly Above the Storm

With God, We Fly Above the Storm

By Denise Schmeer

It was Tuesday, May 17, 2016 and my plan was to leave work early in order to drive my son, Kirk, to the airport.  He was heading to Europe with some friends for a much-needed break from his doctoral work.  However, as the weather started to change for the worse, I thought it wise to leave a little earlier.  Must have been a “nudge” from God, for as I drove from Fort Pierce to Vero Beach, the deluge began.  We have lived through a number of hurricanes and flooding, but this was downright crazy weather . . . tornado level winds and over 11 inches of rain pounded down. 

I called my son at home and asked, “Are you sure your flight is not cancelled?”  He replies, “No Mom, just waiting for the power in the house to come back on so I can take a shower.  See you when you get here.”  Well, more easily said, than done!  

Our street was flooded!  And not just our block, but at least three blocks back!  No way could I take the usual route.  With heart pounding, a few more side street maneuvers and by the grace of God I made it home.  Kirk jumped in the car and off we headed to Orlando airport.

I expressed my concern to Kirk about the wisdom of flying in this “Armageddon” type weather.  He looked at me and said, “Mom, the plane flies above the storm.”  Ahhhh . . . yes!  Of course, and so it is with God.  No matter what is happening in our lives, with God we are above the storm.

But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed.  They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak.  (Isaiah 40:31 GNT)

So Kirk’s flight took off on time and the drive home was just as wild and crazy with wind and rain buffeting the car around like a . . . well, like a paper airplane.  Nevertheless, I was pretty “chill.”  Jesus and I chatted all the way back to Vero Beach.  We talked about everything and anything.  Well, I did all the talking and Jesus just smiled and did all the listening.  

Such a blessing to be reminded that with God, we are always above the storm – no matter what the situation.  If we trust in Him, lean on Him, talk to Him, He is there to advise, comfort, listen, heal, refresh and renew.  We are protected by God’s almighty power, great mercy and strength. With God, we fly above the storms of life – lifted up as on eagle’s wings.