Check Rear-View Mirror

Check the Rear-View Mirror

Denise Schmeer

Between my Driver’s Ed class and practicing in my Dad’s 1968 Chevrolet sedan, I must have been told countless times to “make sure you check your rear-view mirror.”  

Why, I would ask myself?  I’m going forwards, not backwards . . . why is checking the rear-view mirror so important? 

Well, lately, I have heard myself say things like . . . “Wow, five years ago, I never would have understood that!”  Or, “Before I married Chuck, I didn’t realize . . .” Or, “When I lived in the ‘Land of Excess’ . . .” (This refers to when I lived in New York, before I was saved . . . so over 20 years ago.)

And I started thinking . . . well; maybe sometimes we need to glance over our shoulder to see how far we have come.  Maybe checking the rear-view mirror of our life, every now and then, might be a good idea. 

For a very long time (think decades), it seemed going to Church on Sunday, listening to a sermon, and going home was the sum total of a Christian life.  I had a Bible I never read, but somehow felt it held the key to something more.  Fast forward a few more decades and I found myself in a Baptist church where people could actually quote scripture!  I mean, who does that?

Next thing I knew (actually, add a few more years), and I’m in a small study group where people talked about the “teachings” in the Bible, the miracles of the apostles and a personal relationship with Jesus.  Whoa . . . how did that happen?

I could go on (an on), but clearly I was moving forward in my Christian life.  And although (it seemed to me) I was travelling at a snail’s pace, the progress towards Jesus as Lord and Savior was real, steady and purposeful. 

So, I encourage you, wherever you are in your relationship with Jesus, glance over your shoulder – check your rear-view mirror – and praise God for how far you have come . . . how far He has brought you.  And keep moving forward . . . He is calling!

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  (Isaiah 30:21 NIV)