God Has Secrets

God Has Secrets

By Tammye Hamilton

A few years ago, Anna and I accidentally watched a National Geographic special about the wildlife on the island of Madagascar. We thought it was going to be the animated movie. It wasn’t but we decided to watch it anyway. It might sound boring but it was really fascinating.  

It turned out to be a great opportunity to discuss the godless theory of evolution. As the narrator spoke of creatures ‘adapting over millennia’, we discussed the incredible, miraculous nature of our Creator. We do this whenever we happen to encounter these ‘lies as facts’. 

Then, right there in the middle of the program on the wonders of our physical world, we had what can only be described as spiritual revelation. The narrator began to tell the story of a particular spider that is native to the island.

 It seems that when this itsy-bitsy spider needs a home, it searches for something to use as a refuge. In this case, the photographer filmed a spider that found an empty snail shell lying on the ground, which would serve its purposes. So, the tiny little spider spun its web from his branch down to the shell and back up to the branch and lifted that shell with his silk up to the branch, secured it from several angles “for maximum stability’ and crawled into it to live. We were amazed. 

The brain of that little spider cannot be bigger than a grain of salt yet he has the ability to think creatively. As we marveled at the nature of a God who created such a thing, I heard the narrator say, "This behavior has never been photographed before." 

Ah, God let us in on one of His secrets! And suddenly I realized that once again God is showing us that the spiritual realm intersects the natural world because our Creator is the Author of them both. 

He created a physical man and breathed spiritual life into Him. When He was rejected by His spiritual, physical creation, what was His response? He chose to become a physical being, a man just like His creation, but without sin. He left His perfect home to live in our natural world so that He could experience what we experience. 

He felt hunger, knew rejection and faced unbearable pain and suffering. He chose to bear all of our sin, sickness and death so that we could be free from all of those things. I am so grateful He chose to do that for us. 

In Jeremiah it says that if we ask Him, He will show us His secrets! I want to slow down enough to listen for all the things He wants to show me about His love for us!

“Call to Me and I will answer and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3