Miracle in Israel

Miracle in Israel

By Denise Schmeer

Have you ever met someone and seem to have an instant “heart” connection?  There is something familiar about them, but you’re not sure what it is . . . you can’t really describe it or “put your finger” on it.  Well, that is what happened to me with Rebecca.  

My husband and I, along with a number of other fellow “pilgrims,” flew to Israel to drink in, soak up and experience this amazing country . . . the land where Jesus taught, the land where Jesus prayed, the land where Jesus healed, the place where Jesus saved.  

So, after three flights, 6520 miles and 19+ hours we landed in Tel Aviv.  Patiently awaiting our arrival was Dr. Joe Davis (professor of apologetics/Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida) and Rebecca, our tour guide.

There she was with her walking sticks, salt & pepper hair pulled back in a bun, sensible walking shoes, white pants and jacket.  Almost immediately you could sense her love of the country as her welcome greeting was just that . . . “Welcome to my country, my Israel.  I look forward to sharing her with you.”  And so, she did!

She shared about the Bedouin shepherds who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, how and why the Dead Sea appears to be shrinking, pointed out the adorable young Ibex (mountain goat) roaming the mountainsides in Ein Gedi, and the trees with the most flavorful dates . . . deglet nour. Rebecca’s stories were fascinating and mesmerizing – told with such passion and love for her country, Israel.

Unfortunately, Rebecca had to leave us three days into the trip. She had other obligations, her family, etc.  Actually, she was a last-minute substitute, so we were just unexpectedly blessed to have her for the time we did.  

As we entered Galilee, we said a sad good-bye.  My last memory of Rebecca was her sitting near her luggage trying to arrange transportation back to her home – over 3 hours away.  I remember thinking, “I can’t believe I’ll never see her again.”

Our Israel Adventure continued to be amazing, spectacular, awe-inspiring, too overwhelming for words.  Our last day found us at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, almost 80 miles from Galilee.  In fact, in just eight days we had travelled over more than half the country.  Well, the Holocaust Museum was incredibly crowded – only two at a time were allowed to enter.  As my husband and I snaked our way through the displays, exhibits and photos, we were overcome with emotion.  Then it happened.  

As we rounded the final corner, there was Rebecca!  She was guiding a tour, speaking in either Spanish or Portuguese.  I was too stunned to figure out which.  As she continued to speak, I could see she recognized us as well.  

Excusing herself from her group, she came over to give us a hug. I was overwhelmed with tears and she asked if I was OK.  I said I was just so happy as I thought I’d never see her again and she said, “We never know the plans God has for us.”  Yes, so true, we never know the plans God has for us.  

So, I encourage you to be ready!  God has miracles and blessings for you around every corner.  God knows the desires of your heart and when you least expect it . . . there He is!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you . . . plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)