Better To Give Than Be Stingy!

Better to Give Than to Be Stingy!

By Mavis Tipton

I enjoy giving and doing special things for people on special occasions and many times ‘just because.’ 

I haven’t always been a giver.  I would watch others give and be amazed at their selfless giving, but I just didn’t get it. 

After Buddy and I came to the Lord, I watched him give to others out of the depth of his soul and it blessed him so much.  I still didn’t grasp the concept of giving.  

The giving he did was above and beyond our tithing. 

Funny thing was I knew and understood giving back to God what belonged to Him, I just didn’t realize it went beyond that in giving to others. 

In my heart I wanted to be like Buddy and give, so I prayed and asked the Lord to help me become a giver, and guess what He answered that prayer.

We were asking the congregation for pledges for some particular need (which I don’t remember what it was), and I found myself saying to Buddy we need to pledge “X” amount of dollars.  He said ok, and of course was fine with it, but I think shocked that I suggested it.  It was what I felt the Lord was saying to do.

We did not have the amount and were trusting the Lord to provide it and He did.  The amount came in, in so many different ways.  I was amazed, but I was hooked and my view of giving changed, and I became a believer that you can’t out give the Lord, Acts 20:35

If you will step out in faith, being obedient to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, you will be blessed over and over. Giving for the right reasons, not begrudgingly or because you feel you have to, but because you want to be obedient to your heavenly Father.  Desire to be an extension of Him, you will be blessed over and over.  Psalms 112:9 “they share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.  They will have influence and honor.”  

Giving can be monetary as well acts of kindness. Giving of your time and energy.  Seeing a need and doing whatever it takes to fulfill it. Going the extra mile. 

Children imitate their parents and those around them. So, who better to learn from than our Heavenly Father?

Our Father loves us so much and is the perfect example of what it is to love. It gives Him great pleasure to see His children blessed as they receive His love.  As we worship and praise Him for His great gift of love and the many, many blessings He pours out on us, He wants to bless us even more.

John 3:16 “For God lovedthe world so much that He gave His one and only Son so that everyone whobelieves in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”