Foundation for the Future

Revitalization Project

We are in a new and exciting season at Central!  We are believing for awakening and a significant move of God to reach another generation with the Kingdom of God.

In this season, we are laying a foundation for the future in both the spiritual and in the natural realm.
Just as we are experiencing a season of revitalization in the things of the Lord, so we recognize that in this gathering place where God‘s people meet, we are in a season of revitalization and renewal.

It is clear that God is moving and we all have a great sense of expectation. We are improving our facilities in preparation and anticipation of what He will do.
Revitalization Phase One:
  • Complete renovation of our lobby
  • Creation of a coffee bar and seating area in our lobby
  • Replacement of flooring in main hallways
  • Replacement of flooring & renovation in our infant area
  • Replacement of flooring in our toddler area
  • Renovation of bathrooms- children’s area upstairs north side
  • Replacement of air conditioning-children’s area upstairs north side
  • Renovation of our sanctuary platform
  • Replacement of flooring in our sanctuary

Our goal is to raise $150,000 by April 30th for Phase 1.
We are expecting a miracle.
Please pray about what God would have you give to be a part of laying a foundation for the future.